Sunday, January 25, 2015

Setting An Intention

I went to yoga this morning and something incredible happened.  I opened up in new places and found space in my body and mind that I have been craving for months.  You know when you feel a shift coming and you don't know how or when it will manifest itself or if it will be kind or scary?  I've had that.  For a longgg time.  And I can't say it has HAPPENED.  Just that it is happening.  And it feels good.  As I am shifting mentally and emotionally the universe is showing up to give me the next breadcrumb to follow on the path to the other side.  It is so humbling and reassuring.  So this morning.   I got up earlier than I wanted to on my only day to myself in a long time.  I made sure that I had things done and organized so that I could get to class on time.  I hustled around the house, ran an errand, made sure I ate something at the right time, filled my water bottle, got to class early, rolled out my mat, took a deep breath... and wanted to go home.  Like overwhelmingly.  I felt so sure that I was too tired and weak to practice. I am fighting having frozen shoulders and they hurt.  And feel weak.  And it was cold in the studio.  I can't explain it but I really just wanted to go home. So, I gave myself the option of sitting in child's pose on my mat and meditating if the practice was too hard.  Our instructor started class by setting THE best intention.  The one I needed to hear.  It was about creating space inside of yourself to allow what you desire to come in.  She said our brains, heart, soul are like our attics, closets, junk drawers.  You can't put your new stuff that is beautiful and useful into a space that houses the old junk.  That just hit me where I live.  Wow.  We set an intention to create space through our practice and we began.  I moved through the pain in my shoulder, the fatigue and the emotional roadblocks.  I breathed.  I set my intention.  I waited for the shift and paid attention to the spaces I was creating.  I road the tide of my breath and practiced for an hour and a half.  It was one of, if not THE, best class of my life.  Move through your undesirable behavior until you find yourself. 

My intention this week - Create SPACE for what I desire for my life.  Observe with gratitude the space that is created and then only fill it with what is my truth.  Gently ask the old, unproductive junk to move along and pay it no mind.  Watch for the blessing because they are already here.  Can I get an amen?

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